iWeb Storage

This page is for Aztec's legacy file upload service. If you've been given an event specific login your event may be hosted on this page. If in doubt please contact your event organiser or Aztec account handler.

uploading crop 


To upload a file you need to login to https://aztec.iweb-storage.com/login and follow these steps.

If you have been given a username and password by your Aztec contact, please use those details to login.

If you have not been given specific details then use the following details:

General Client Upload Zone

Username: aztec-client

Password: Mitcham14




Please ensure that you make the file easily identifiable e.g. change the file name so that it includes your company name and event name


    • Passwords are case sensitive
    • You cannot upload folders
    • If you want to upload folders and complete folder structures, you must create one or more zip files which you  can then upload
    • You can upload multiple files 
  • Click here with help with uploading files 

If you have any problems please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it