Venue case studies

Arsenal Foundation Ball 2013


MP and Silva Partnership Announcement

 MP & Silva Partnership Press Announcement

Cycle Sports Award Party


 Full scale production of the Cyclesport Awards and Gala dinner.

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Aztec Venues

Our Venue Partnership team is acutely aware that we have a pivotal role in helping venues increase their revenues. Prospective venue clients have every right to expect the venue’s technical team to offer the highest standards right through from initial contact to the final delivery of a successful event. We understand that to achieve this we have to integrate seamlessly with the venue’s own sales team. Our Venue Partnership team can demonstrate our ability to achieve all of these things that ultimately lead to enhancing a venue’s revenues.

A critical element of a successful venue partnership is providing a good, balanced stock of equipment on-site that is well maintained and up to date. To Aztec, this is a pre-requisite and, furthermore, this is backed up by a huge fleet of equipment that is stored at our main warehouse. Equally, we recognise that additional project, production and technical resource may be required and this is where Aztec excels as one of the UK’s leading technical services companies.

And we understand that not every venue justifies or wants to hold equipment on site. Our extremely knowledgeable Hire Desk comes into its own providing outstanding sales advice and support, backed up by experienced technicians providing flawless delivery.